Glass balcony has been implemented for the first time in Finland in 1981. Then, it began to spread in European cities; and in 1999, its applications started in our country, in Ankara. In Finland and our country, the initial made glass balconies carriable from the bottom, is called ball wheel system. The approximate load of 25-30 kg on each plate of glass moves on two ball bearings. This system creates depressions on the rail due to the fact that the entire load is on the base and the rail at the bottom is a soft material such as aluminum, just like the bumps and collapses on the tarmac. Therefore, after a while, the ray deforms thoroughly and the system locks. Although it is the first released system and many missing aspects to be found, this system is still offered to customers in the market due to its cheap price and is demanded even less than before as its disadvantages are not mentioned.


High wind intensity resistant, high thermic special production aluminum profiles are used. The thickness of the aluminum profile used in our system is 4 cm and the wall thickness is 3 mm. Electrostatic powder paint is used with RAL color options in aluminum profiles. 8 mm thick tempered glass with high strength against impact and breakage is used in the system. In our system, glass panels are adhered to carrier wing profile with polymer-based imported adhesives and are deformed due to natural conditions. Our system provides a comfortable operation thanks to zinc nickel alloy wheels with polyemide coated bearings that work in separate beds. It provides maximum security with a dual lock system that operates independently of each other. Smart base is a complete system that forms a whole with covers and accessories. Double-row bristle wicks of 10 mm thickness on the lower and upper rails provide maximum insulation. Silicone based double h wick is used to provide insulation between the windows in the wings.

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